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Grand Canyon - Modular Made Easy!

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  • Grand Canyon is available in these six colorations, reflecting the natural stone variations of its namesake.
  • Virtually no two tiles are identical, allowing for a completely random appearance.
  • Great pattern possibilities and wide design versatility - Modular Made Easy!
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Color Shade Variation- V4


Grand Canyon Room Scenes

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Product Features

Stain Resistant
Grand Canyon is a ceramic tile that is Stain-Resistant. The surface on this ceramic tile resists stains and the stone color and texture hide soil between cleanings.
Easy Maintenance
The original no-wax floor. Damp mop to clean.
Scratch Resistant
The Grand Canyon series resists scratches, scuffs, and indentions. However no surface is scratch proof so protective caps should be used on chair legs.
Fade resistant
The colors of the Grand Canyon series are permanent and resistant to fading from ultraviolet light due to the sun or electrical lighting.
No two tiles are identical due to the multiple layers of hard-fired ceramic glaze manufactured on this series of stone textured tile. A completely random appearance, "just like natural stone."
Each color of Grand Canyon is available in 5 different sizes. All sizes are compatible so that the user can create unlimited pattern possibilities, giving the greatest design versatility of any ceramic tile available.
The most advanced technology gives Grand Canyon the highest quality available for maximum performance.

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