Ege Seramik Press Releases



Ege Seramik will introduce new products that it created by using 4 new Hi-Tile Technology materials at the CERSAIE exhibition. The company continues to offer new alternatives to those looking for something different by enlarging its high-end product portfolio with Hi-Tile Technology product series.

Differentiating from its competitors with its line of design, also created a difference in its production technology with new materials using Hi-Tile Technology. Each of the Hi-Tile Technology class materials including Crystal shine effect, glossy effect ink, deep effect ink and granillia application, has a distinct surface effect. With these new materials that create extra gloss, partial brightness, relief effect or texture, the patterns get much more impressive and realistic.

Today the ceramics have become one of the important decoration materials which are preferred in all living spaces and to be able to make a difference is much more necessary than ever before. From this point of view, Ege Seramik made a big difference with its new series by using the Hi-Tile Technology materials and maintains its assertion as a trendsetter.

Galaxy: The surfaces of Ege Seramik Galaxy series produced by using Crystal Shine effect, a Hi-Tile Technology material, are as bright and eye-catching as the stars. Meet this brightest and stylish version of the concrete look as soon as possible.

Indiana: Ege Seramik redefines the marble look tiles with Indiana Series. Thanks to Deep effect ink application, a Hi-Tile Technology material, it has a textured surface matching the patterns on the series. Therefore, it is very difficult to distinguish Indiana from natural marble. With its large sizes of 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm, this series allows a more natural appearance on the floor.

Jungle: With Jungle series of Ege Seramik, now the latest tile technologies are available in all your living spaces. With the glossy effect ink, a Hi-Tile Technology material, applied on its surface, this wood look tile series has a partial brightness that matches the pattern and looks natural. The newest and technological interpretation of the wood look will impress you.

Peace: Get ready to be surprised by Peace, the new member of Ege Seramik Hi-Tile Technology family. With Deep effect ink application, this series has a micro-textured surface without molding and its dimensions are 25x75 cm. Peace is one of the trendiest options of the season with linear patterns and soft colors.  

Santorini: You should definitely see Santorini, the most realistic interpretation of mosaic look in tiles.Santorini, a new member of Ege Seramik Hi-Tile Technology family, has fragmented texture as if it really consists of mosaic stones thanks to Deep effect ink application. With sizes of 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm, this series offers the elegance of mosaic together with the ease of use of the tiles.

Thassos: Discover the mini-mosaic look with Thassos series. Thassos is produced by using Deep effect ink, a Hi-Tile Technology material, and it looks as if it is a combination of mini mosaic pieces. With sizes of 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm, Thassos provides a more complete look and is the new alternative to mini mosaic look with its textured surface.